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DBSM Parent Ministry Volunteers

The Parent Ministry Team will partner with our Student Connex Crew and DBSM Staff in an effort to make every student feel known and needed. Parents play a vital role in a few areas: Meeting new parents and giving them some insight into your personal experience as a parent of students involved in DBSM, helping disconnected students find someone to connect with as quickly as possible (leaders and DBSM Staff are more than happy to assist in this area), and help wondering students always be where they are supposed to be. These parents are not enforcers or bouncers, they are warm and bubbly personalities looking for lonely or disconnected students so that they can help them get plugged in. They also help make sure all students are where they are supposed to be during each service/gathering. We rotate a male and female parent (married couples if possible) to attend each Sunday and Wednesday service. The frequency is dependent upon how many parents sign up to serve in this capacity. Return to the DBC Volunteer Page
Ongoing for 2 hours
Denton Bible Church
Volunteer - SAAT Required
DBSM Parent Ministry Volunteers

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