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Women's Bible Study AM - Romans (Part 1)

LEADERS: Rita Parker and Susie Swafford
LOCATION: SMC 113 (Student Ministry Center)

DESCRIPTION: For such a time as this…. The Foundational principles set forth in Romans 1-5 explains the doctrines of our faith, original sin, justification, redemption & propitiation. Come join us and dig deep into God’s word. You will be changed forever. Solid truths and solid principles to rest in as the world is in turmoil.
MATERIALS: NASB Bible, 3-Ring Binder, Colored pencils, pens, or markers.

COST: $35 (14 lessons total, will be completing in the Spring Semester) Leaders will have the books for you on the first day of class.

Due to COVID concerns, our CHILDREN’S PROGRAM is NOT currently available; however, we are hopeful that it will resume soon. Once the CHILDREN’S PROGRAM is approved to resume, you will receive a link from your leader to register your child/children.
On Wednesdays @ 9:15 AM
Swafford, Susie

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